William A. Huber:
Statistics in the (US) Courtroom

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This talk surveys some issues that recur in my practice as a statistical expert witness: the power and role of graphical analysis; explaining rare events; the meaning of statistical significance; detecting fraud and cheating; and assessing evidence of discrimination. It will focus on the application of statistical thinking rather than on the statistical procedures used.

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Dr. William A. Huber specializes in environmental statistics and litigation support. During a 35 year career as a consultant he has testified as a statistical expert in litigation and arbitration; led research and development of data visualization software; provided statistical support for hundreds of investigations of water, soils, groundwater, wastewater, and air quality; developed custom and commercial statistical software for sampling, spatial data analysis, database querying, economic analysis, and forecasting; and published research in geospatial analysis, statistics in the law, risk assessment, and quantum mechanics. He has taught mathematics, statistics, and GIS for professional organizations and at many graduate and undergraduate institutions. Bill has also helped nurture small businesses, volunteer organizations, and online communities as an investor or elected board member.