Dalal Alrajeh:
Handling Risks to Goal Assurances in Adaptive Systems

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The engineering of high-quality software requirements generally relies on assumptions about the environment in which the software-to-be has to operate. As assumptions are added or changed, so must the software requirements. Ensuring the correctness of this process is challenging and introduces risk to the safe operation of any software that implements them. In this talk, I will be presenting some of our recent work on safe-by-construction adaptations of software systems in which we try to address such problems both at design- and run-time.

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Prof. Dalal Alrajeh is a senior lecturer (associate professor) at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, and currently serves as the director of postgraduate research at the department. She holds a PhD in distributed software engineering from Imperial College. Her research is in the areas of formal software engineering and symbolic AI, with a focus on specification learning, synthesis and analysis for provably correct software systems. She is the recipient of several funding awards for her research, more recently for the correct design of humans in the loop, and AI-enabled systems for safety-critical applications. . She was the recipient of the Imperial College Research Fellowship award. She has served on numerous program committees of premier conferences in her field (including ICSE, EFEC/FSE, ASE, IJCAI and AAAI).