Mark Bankhead:
Digital Twins: A Digital Future for Nuclear?

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Digital transformation, and digital twin technology in particular, is an exciting topic within the nuclear industry. Digital Twins have the potential to address many of the challenges that impact on nuclear’ s cost effectiveness including siloed working, loss of fidelity of information during handover and a digitally aware culture that embraces the benefits of digital and drives change across business practices. In this talk we will explore some of the motivations behind digital transformation. We will look at some of the challenges and solutions we have delivered under the BEIS funded nuclear innovation programme – Project FAITH. We will share the successes and an appreciation of the gaps.

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Dr Mark Bankhead is a scientist with over 19-years of experience working in the nuclear industry. My work involves the development of complex mathematical models of chemical behaviour. I’m a technical lead with experience of leading several multi-disciplinary research projects. This ranges from modelling the behaviour of atoms, through to understanding the impact of chemistry on process behaviour. Since 2006 I’ve led projects developing of scientific computing for NNL and this for example has led me to play an active in digital for Nuclear Industry Association and the UK’s Nuclear Innovation Programme