Divya M. Persaud:
3D Imagery to Support Planetary Exploration

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Planetary exploration is becoming more daring and pushing the boundaries of technology as we seek answers to fundamental questions of life in our solar system and the geologic history of our planetary neighbors. 3D imaging provides opportunities to mitigate risk for operating missions on other worlds, from preparing rover traverses to finding the best science targets for landers, rovers, and satellites. I will discuss some of these applications and how my work using 3D imagery of the Martian surface fits into the multi-modal approach of understanding the red planet.

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Dr Divya M. Persaud (she/her) is a planetary geologist fascinated by the stories of rocks in the solar system. As a postdoctoral scholar at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she is working on missions to explore Jupiter's moon, Europa. Her past work includes her doctoral research using 3D imagery to investigate the exposed rock layers at the exploration site of Curiosity rover in Gale crater, Mars, as well as working to understand the geology of the icy moons of Saturn, Mercury, and asteroids and meteorites using satellite and laboratory data. She is also a poet, composer, and speaker, and has spoken and performed her cross-disciplinary work internationally.