[ Keynote Speakers ]

Vicki Bier
Industrial and Systems Engineering
University of Wisconsin, Madison, United States

Professor Bier is a risk analyst and decision analyst specializing in probabilistic risk analysis for homeland security and critical infrastructure protection. Her current research interests include the application of game theory to identify optimal resource allocation strategies for protecting critical infrastructure from intentional attacks. Other interests include the use of accident precursors or near misses in probabilistic risk analysis; the use of expert opinion; and methods for effective risk communication, both to managers and the public.


Didier Dubois
Directeur de Recherche CNRS
IRIT Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

Dr Didier's has made seminal contributions in fuzzy set theory and possibility theory. His current research is focused on plausible reasoning and methods for handling evidence and making decisions. It involves numerical and qualitative possibility theory and possibilistic nets, statistical reasoning, risk analysis, aggregation operators and data fusion, belief revision, scheduling, knowledge representation, and interpolative reasoning, and qualitative decision theory.


Matthias Troffaes
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Durham University, United Kingdom

Dr Troffaes is an expert in the theory of imprecise probabilities. His main research interests concern the foundations of statistics and decision making under severe uncertainty, including sequential decision processes (backward induction and dynamic programming), uncertainty modelling (lower and upper previsions, set-valued choice functions, p-boxes, info-gap theory), optimal control, bioinformatics, sequence alignment, expert elicitation, representation, and aggregation of expert information.