Simon Clark

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I am an environmental scientist interested in predictive modelling, climate change, fluvial systems, environmental policy as well as being a passionate science communicator. My goals are to reduce uncertainties surrounding flood risk under climate change, drawing on my academic knowledge in computational modelling, monitoring and reconstruction, as well as experience in previous roles analyzing environmental policy and in environmental assessment.

Research Interests: Climate Change, Flooding, Environmental Hydraulics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Policy

Research project title: Risk of river flood inundation under climate change: assessment of the relative effects of changes in plant growth and flood regime on conveyance

Project description: My project aims to enhance flood risk estimation for river systems under climate change with a special focus on aquatic vegetation, a key yet neglected component influencing river hydraulics. Greater vegetation abundances are thought to increase flood risk; climate change is expected to increase both the frequency of extreme storms and vegetation growth rates, threatening a perfect storm of higher flows exaggerated by higher vegetation abundances. Using computational fluid dynamics this projects is investigates the changing dynamic between vegetation and river flow under various climate change scenarios to estimate changes to future flood risk.

Supervisory team: James Cooper; Ming Li; Janet Hooke

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