Peter Hristov

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I am currently working towards my PhD in the University of Liverpool. I hold a BEng (Hons.) in Aerospace Engineering. I attained a degree in micro-processing technologies, before moving to the UK to pursue my passion in aerospace engineering.
I have experience in working with and for the industry. I enjoy both computational modelling and experimental, hands-on work.
I am interested in aerospace design, aerodynamics, computational fluid and structural modelling. The field of machine learning, inference and optimisation is my newest passion and I am keen to use it in aerospace applications. I am also a proponent of electric, hybrid-electric and non-standard propulsion for aircraft - fields that can greatly benefit from advances in computational methods.

Research Interests: Vertical farming, sustainability, decision support systems, economic forecasting, risk profiling, montecarlo simulations, environmental impact assessment, life cycle analysis, smarter mobility, lean manufacturing.

Research project title: Numerical modelling and uncertainty quantification for biodiesel filters

Project description: The project is part of an optimal filter design framework which aims to develop a systematic approach to the design of non-woven coalescing filters. The work utilizes fluid dynamic modelling, machine learning methods and uncertainty quantification approaches.

Supervisory team: F.A. Diaz De la O; K.J. Kubiak; U Farooq

ORCID: 0000-0002-3302-686X