Noémie Le Carrer

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Noémie started her PhD along with a MRes in Decision-Making under uncertainty at the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, University of Liverpool (2016). She currently works on maritime shipping optimisation subject to uncertain environments and has a strong interest for nonlinear dynamics forecasting. Her prior French academic journey includes a MSc in Continuum Physics and Mechanics, a MSc in Agricultural sciences and a MSc in Physics and Modelling of Complex Systems. Noémie investigated the issue of mesoscale oceanic turbulence on the occasion of two placements at the Ocean Physics Laboratory - Ifremer (France) and taught economics and business management for two years in a French farming high school. Her main interests are modelling and applied mathematics with a nature or industrial flavour.

Research Interests: Weather forecasting, Modelling nonlinear dynamical systems, Uncertainty modelling, Decision-making under uncertainty, Information theory

Research project title: Optimising cargo loading and ship scheduling subject to uncertain sea levels

Project description: In this project, we investigate the possibilities of cargo loading and ship scheduling optimisation by considering the forecasts of sea level anomalies in addition to the tide predictions. A shipping decision model is built, allowing to optimise the shipper's decisions given general information on the ship design, cargo and port management, as well as sea level forecasts for the ports of call. Different approaches for representing and propagating sea level uncertainty are investigated, based on the information available to the shipper, from tide predictions alone to sea level ensemble forecasts.

Supervisory team: Prof. Scott Ferson, Dr. Peter Green

ORCID: 0000-0002-6057-2057