Max Morgan

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I graduated with a BSc. in physics from the University of Bristol. My dissertation looked at the future of nuclear power, including fusion, from an underlying physics perspective. Following graduation, I went on to work in engineering consultancy in the power sector. After several years I decided to pursue a career in post-graduate research. I studied a postgraduate course in Fusion Energy with the University of York.
My current research looks at risk quantification in the next step fusion device, DEMO. My goal is to quantify uncertainties in the design of DEMO, to aid in finding an optimal operating point.

Research Interests: Financial mathematics, time series analysis and Bayesian econometrics.

Research project title: Risk Quantification in Fusion Power Plant Design

Supervisory team: Dr E. Patelli, Dr H. Lux

ORCID: 0000-0002-6667-3254