Francis Baumont de Oliveira

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After having graduated from Aerospace Engineering Master's (MEng) programme at the University of Liverpool, I decided to focus my attention on a topic where I could have the most meaningful impact. Food production is at the core of many of our economic, environmental and social challenges. As global populations continue to rise, we must increase food production by 70% to feed a projected global population of 9.77 billion by 2050, with limited arable land, whilst also attempting to reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions. This is whilst tackling the issues of water scarcity, climate change and rapid urbanisation. I therefore changed my direction towards building a sustainable future, and have undertaken a Ph.D. to research solutions for sustainable food production.

Research Interests: Vertical farming, sustainability, decision support systems, economic forecasting, risk profiling, montecarlo simulations, environmental impact assessment, life cycle analysis, smarter mobility, lean manufacturing.

Research project title: Developing a decision support system to enable sustainable growth of small-scale vertical farms through environmental impact and financial risk modelling.

Project description: My research focuses on modelling the sustainability of vertical farming. In particular, I aim to provide an open-source decision support system that provides economic projections for companies wishing to venture into vertical farming. It will provide the user with a risk profile based on their decisions and local parameters, as well as provide methods to mitigate risks and reduce environmental impacts. The research is a truly collaborative project, drawing on expertise from the University of Liverpool's Institute for Risk and Uncertainty, Schools of Management and Engineering, and the Institute of Integrative Biology, whilst working closely with Farm Urban, a pioneering R&D company.

Supervisory team: Prof. Scott Ferson; Dr. Ronald Dyer; Dr. Adam Mannis; Dr. Iain Young

ORCID: 0000-0001-5386-2008

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