Elfriede Derrer-Merk

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I am a trained geriatric nurse with over 10 years of experience in nursing and caring for older people in Germany. I completed my Bachelor degree in Nursing education at the Protestant University of Applied Sciences, Ludwigshafen (Germany). I have many years of experience in teaching undergraduate and graduate nurses as well as lecturing on communication at the University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt. I am publishing nursing exam books and flash cards in collaboration with Elsevier, Germany. I graduated from the university of Heidelberg with a Master in Gerontology. I am experienced in working as a nursing expert for the prosecution in Germany. I started my PhD study in October 2019 at the risk institute at the university of Liverpool.

Research project title: How do uncertainties impact on people in later life and their resilience?

Project description: People in later life are facing many challenges throughout their lifetime. People who overcome challenges can be termed resilient. Some of the challenges faced by people in later life involve uncertainties, for example in health, social circumstance, cognitive status. This project will identify the uncertainties of most concern to people in later life. The role those uncertainties may, or may not have, on resilience outcomes will be investigated. If uncertainty does impact on resilience, then I will aim to develop a proof of concept for an intervention and or communication tool to manage uncertainty and promote resilience. The findings will be communicated widely to older people, practitioners and policy makers.

Supervisory team: Scott Ferson, Kate M Bennett, Adam Manis

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