Dominic Calleja

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Dominic Calleja has a background in aerospace engineering, nuclear engineering, and uncertainty quantification. Dominic has broad interests in the field of uncertainty quantification (UQ), and has experience in the application of UQ methods to industrial scale problems across many industries and sectors. Dominic was appointed academic manager, and impact follow at the Risk Institute in July 2018. He is passionate about the communication of risk, and particular interests in intuitive representations of uncertainty.

Research Interests: Nuclear Fusion, Machine Learning, Imprecise Probability, Efficient Numerical Methods, Sensitivity Analysis, Robust Optimisation

Research project title: Strategy for Sensitivity Analysis of DEMO first wall

Project description: His PhD is primarily focused on the plasma-wall interactions at the edge of thermonuclear fusion devices, focusing on the effect of uncertainties. In collaboration with the Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), Dominic develops software tools for the assessment of uncertainty in fusion devices.

Dominic engages in the development of efficient algorithms for the treatment of uncertainty in black-box models, and novel approaches to the propagation of imprecise probabilistic structures.

Supervisory team: Edoardo Patelli

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