Darren Cook

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PhD Student and Research Assistant at the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty and the Critical and Major Incident (CAMI) research groups.

Research Interests: Accelerated learning in the security, defence and emergency services. Specific interests involve autonomous evaluation of investigative interviewing performance and real-time decision-making in high-stress and high-stakes settings.

Research project title: Training & Learning Evaluation Frameworks: Monitoring Skills & Knowledge Audits

Project description: The aim of the research is to understand which factors impact the performance of engineers and decision makers during the desigh phase, using existing methods of Human Reliability Analysis (HRA).
However, there is a lack of data of factors for the desigh phase - as the focus of research is on data of the operational phase.
For this reason, this research also have a second objective running in parallel: to enhace the state-of-the-art of Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) in the operational phase, providing HRA community with Human Error Probabilities (HEP) based on data extracted from investigation reports of major accidents.
The hypothesis is that this kind of operational data is better than simulating data (from control room simulation) and expert judgement.
The probabilistic tool used is the Bayesian network.

Supervisory team: Prof. Laurence Alison, Prof. Simon Maskell, Dr. Michael Humann

ORCID: 0000-0002-9329-4110