Adolphus Lye

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Adolphus Lye graduated and obtained his Bachelor of Science (with Honours) degree in 2018 from the National University of Singapore majoring in Physics with a minor in Mathematics. Since October 2018, he has been a student within the Institute for Risk and Uncertainty where he is currently pursuing his PhD studies. His PhD candidature is currently funded by the Singapore Nuclear Research and Safety Initiatives (SNRSI) under the National Research Foundation Singapore.

Research Interests

Bayesian statistics, Probabilistic regression, Physics-based modelling, Structural Health Monitoring, Prognostics Health Management, Nuclear safety, Science/Risk communication

Research project title: On-line probabilistic model updating for real-time monitoring and prognostics in Engineering

Project description: Over the years, numerous advanced sampling techniques have been developed for Bayesian model updating and paramter identification. However, such techniques still face numerous short-comings and do not perform as effectively and efficiently under certain conditions. The goal of this PhD project is to explore techniques to address some of these short-comings.

Currently, studies are being done in the context of on-line Bayesian model updating for real-time Structural Health Monitoring, as well as Prognostics Health Management for the predictive maintenance of critical structures and components within Nuclear power plants.

Supervisory team: Edoardo Patelli (Risk Insititute), Alice Cicirello

ORCID: 0000-0002-1803-8344