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10th February 2023
13:30 GMT

Crush Hall, L69 3GQ

Fernando Cerda:
Structural Risk Assessment and Mitigation: a Review of Recent Projects

This presentation reviews recent structural collapses in the mining industry, and other related infrastructure catastrophes. Structural collapse probability and consequences are discussed. The role of structural evaluation, maintenance and infrastructure governance is examined. Some projects that address key issues previously discussed are presented. The projects include structural health monitoring implementation of a mining stockpile, development of structural integrity standards for the mining industry, visual assessment of conveyor belts, emergency monitoring after fire damage. Based on field and project experiences presented some take away messages are given.

    Fernando CerdaLing Engineering

Dr. Fernando Cerda is Founder and Executive Director of Lind Engineering, an engineering consulting company focused on infrastructure management and infrastructure monitoring for public and private industrial infrastructure. Structures such as: bridges, dams, ports, mining stockpiles, conveyor belts, stackers. Interested in high impact problems and technological application in Civil Engineering. Addresses interdisciplinary problems that include areas of computer science and electronics applied to Civil Engineering. He was Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Concepción. Founding Partner of Lind-Engineering. He has led inventory, inspection and diagnosis projects for more than 1,500 minor railway structures, projects with investments of over US$ 5 million for monitoring mining structures. Director of Fondef IT18I0112 UdeC "Bridge Monitoring Platform". Dr Cerda has a PhD in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 and Master of Science in Advance Infrastructure Systems from the same University. Civil Engineer with a Diploma in Structural Engineering and a Master's in Engineering Sciences in 2006 at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.