Discussion: 10th February 2023

Crush Hall, L69 3GQ

Panel Discussion 1:
Risks and Remote Sensing

Thomas Oommen
Fernando Cerda
Andres Alonso Rodriguez

  • How can risks of extraction operations be estimated from sparse or imcomplete data?
  • Can new remote sensing technologies be used to gauge risk of dam failures?
  • How can risks to humans and the environment be integrated?

Roundtable Discussion 1:
Safety in Mining & Energy Extraction

Dominic Calleja

  • What does power or weakness of the public sector imply in the Global South?
  • What should government regulators require from the regulated industries?
  • What does environmental change imply for safe operations management?

Panel Discussion 2:
Impacts on People and Stakeholders

Rozemarijn Roland Host
Carmen Pires Migueles

  • How should distributed risks from pollution or fracking be managed?
  • How do social power dynamics play in allocating risks among stakeholders?

Roundtable Discussion 2:
Regulation and Communication

Scott Ferson

  • What disclosure obligations do mine operators owe worker & resident communities?
  • How should regulators communicate risks to the public?