Google Hashcode Hackathon

The Risk Institute will be hosting a hub for the Google Hashcode Hackathon in the Risk Institute Seminar Room. Everyone is welcome. The hackathon will take place on the 28th Feb starting at 17:30.

The Hashcode Hackathon is a competitive programming competition. You have 4 hours to write a code to process Google's data, and generate a solution which will be scored by their system.

The challenge

You will be given an industrial problem involving vast amounts of data, and will be challenged to optimise a particular procedure. You must write a code in four hours to solve the problem. The output of your code is submitted to Google and automatically scored. The top 50 teams are invited to the final round of the competition at Google Dublin. You can program in a language of your choice

How can I practice?
There is no requirement to practice beforehand, but if you wish to practice we recommend the following:
• We advise that the problems are easier to solve in Python (but you can use MATLAB, C++, etc. if you really want to)
• You can find previous challenges here
• If you want to practice your data structures/ algorithms skills in general then try some of the challenges on hackerrank

How to take part?

1. Form your team
Remember that to compete in Hash Code, you need to form a team of 2 to 4 people in the Judge System. To form your team, choose one teammate to log into the Judge System, create a new team in the “My Team” section, copy the unique invitation link that the system will generate, and share it with the other team members. All team members need to follow this link to confirm their team membership before the start of the Online Qualification Round on February 28th at 17:30 UTC.

2. Join a hub (optional)
Once your team is formed, you can sign up to compete from one of the 600+ Hash Code hubs taking place around the world. To join a hub, select the hub from the “My Team” section in the Judge System. Since space at hubs is limited, we encourage you to select your hub in the Judge System as soon as you can. Don’t see a hub near you? It’s not too late to apply to host a hub.

3. Watch the "Get ready for Hash Code 2019" video (optional)
Looking for tips on how to prepare for Hash Code? Check out this short video, which covers how to form a team and select a hub, and walks through the pizza practice problem. Watch the whole thing, or skip to the parts that are most relevant for you — you can find a table of contents in the video’s description. We hope this video will help with your final preparations!

4. Spread the word
Registration closes on Monday, February 25th, so there’s still time for your friends, classmates, and colleagues to sign up. Spread the word about Hash Code