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"Fake News is a growing phenomenon, and, as Donald Trump himself said "Fake News has never been more voluminous or more inaccurate"... or did he?
With social media giants and news corporations failing to stop the spread of incorrect information, it is now a daily feature in our lives, and here at the Risk Institute we think it’s about time we had a (free) pint and a discussion about just what Fake News is!
Dr Paul Christiansen from the department of Psychology will start off the evening introducing the history of fake news, and our cognitive bias’s towards believing it. Next, James Butterworth from the department of Computer Science will talk about applications of Machine Learning in fake news, and finally Michael ‘Marsh’ Marshall from the Merseyside Skeptic Society will talk about what drives people to become part of a pseudoscientific movement, and in particular, the flat earth movement. Finally our event will come to a close with a Pub Quiz, - can you tell what’s fake and what’s real?"

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