Education at the Risk Institute

Education at the risk institute

The Risk Institute has developed an innovative and unique approach to teaching and learning. We seek to engage our students in a wide variety of high-impact educational experiences. Learning is not siloed by discipline but a shared endeavour spanning them all. The Risk Institute exposes all students to the challenges and idiosyncrasies of each application area we have interest in. We teach our students to recognise the overlaps, to identify the opportunities for cross fertilisation of ideas and methods, and to communicate with experts across fields without impedance.

We work with a sink or swim philosophy. We expose all of our students to the full range of our activities, from attending and contributing to consultancy work or stakeholder and public outreach; meeting with world-renowned experts or working intensively with industrialists at our workshops; delivering regular master class seminars, or presenting at international conferences. It is this high-impact experience-based learning framework which inspires a creativity of thinking and a confidence.

Of course there is always a lifebuoy present, and it is this open and supportive environment where skills development, creative thinking, leadership, ownership and confidence flourish.

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The Risk Institutes research and specialist work with our partners allows us to tailor our professional education offering. We are able to specifically target and facilitate the skills and capabilities development that our partners have identified as a critical need in the modern workforce.

Our expertise in risk analysis, uncertainty quantification, big data, and disruptive technology allows us to develop structured training courses for a variety of audiences, from introductory ‘awareness’ courses right up to developing and implementing the most cutting-edge algorithms and methods available. Our CPD courses have been specifically designed to facilitate up-skilling for immediate and fundamental impact.

Our new CPD model will be launched in July 2019, where we will be able to provide a broad spectrum of specialist courses with formal accreditation, up to and including masters degrees.

MRes & MSC in Decision making under risk and uncertainty

The MRes and MSc aim to provide you with the theoretical and practical tools, along with professional and research skills, necessary to understand, model and tackle the major problems that arise from the complexity of systems which demand decision-making under Risk and Uncertainty. The programme gives you the opportunity to learn from and interact with a truly multidisciplinary team of academics. Additionally, due to the strong links with industrial partners, you will be exposed to the knowledge of professionals who deal with risks and uncertainty from an industrial perspective.