Emerging Industries: Opportunities and Risk Trade-offs

Digital Conference on Emerging Industries: Opportunities and Risk Trade-offs, May-December 2021


Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials

Wednesday 19th May 2021

14:00 - 16:30 GMT

Igor Linkov

Personal Reflection on 20yrs of Nano Risk Assessment and Relevance to Emerging Risks

Vicki Stone

A Framework to streamline nanomaterial innovation and risk assessment – The GRACIOUS project

Sex Robots

Date TBC

Time TBC

Quantum Computing

Date TBC

Time TBC

Evan Peet

Securing Communications in the Quantum Computing Age: Managing the Risks to Encryption

The Institute for Risk and Uncertainty at the University of Liverpool are organising a conference on emerging industries from this summer, distributed over the year as multiple 2.5 hour sessions.

New industries drive economic growth and cultural innovation. Futurists, pioneers and researchers have been designing, building and testing novel solutions to our modern world's challenges. Emerging industries often depend on software technologies and connectivity which are becoming more pervasive in the move towards a smarter and digitalised world. They present an array of new opportunities that may revolutionise travel, health care, energy, computers, finances, the intersection between humans and technology, and many other facets of our lives. They may create threats and risks of negative consequences on society, individuals, or the environment that hinder their evolution into the mainstream.

The Institute for Risk & Uncertainty at the University of Liverpool will bring together leading academic and industry researchers to share their experiences and research results on emerging industries and their associated benefits and risks. This will provide an interdisciplinary platform to discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns. We would like to examine the risk trade-offs around their impacts on economics, health, environment, and ethics, as well as foresee ways of mitigating the downsides. The goal is to inspire and inform researchers to utilise this information to understand how they can best support these industries to minimise the risky nature of innovation and improve likelihood of successful emergence.

In this conference series, we aim to ask:

  • What are the current and coming trends and developments in emerging industries?
  • How can we promote information and technology exchange in emerging industries?
  • What are the opportunities of these emerging industries to change the world?
  • What are the largest obstacles to the maturation of emerging industries?
  • What are the threats and risk trade-offs that these sectors may pose?
  • How can we begin to de-risk these sectors to encourage appropriate policy, regulation and investment?

We have gathered a series of talks from international thought leaders addressing a range of sectors and their trends, hurdles and potential impacts: